Pricing and Fees

After years of providing a free service, we have made the decision to introduce monthly subscription plans tailored for individual schedulers, project managers, and businesses who utilize our service frequently and in large volumes. We believe this balanced approach will allow us to continue serving a wide range of users while meeting the evolving needs of those who rely on our platform extensively.

By transitioning to a subscription-based model, we can ensure the ongoing development and improvement of our platform. This will allow us to continue providing comprehensive CPM (Critical Path Method) schedule analysis and comparison tools to schedulers and project engineers, empowering them to achieve greater efficiency and success in their projects.

New users have 7 days of FREE trial to experiment with the platform and explore its features. Thank you for your continued support!

Starting from July 20th, all existing users with free accounts who do not subscribe to one of our paid plans will experience limited functionality. They will no longer be able to create new projects or upload new schedules, and will have read-only access to their accounts.