About Us

This application was inspired and curated by Alexandra Kay, then a senior CPM scheduler, who was fed up with Claim Digger® and some other commercial Windows 98 era programs for baseline analysis and schedule comparison.

Witty Finch Tracker is a web-based service where you can create and manage multiple projects, upload CPM baseline schedules, track and compare updates over time. It's designed to be fast, mobile friendly, and easy to use.

Alexandra Kay

Alexandra Kay, PE, CCM, MBA Advisor

Founder, licensed Professional Engineer with a wealth of experience in construction management. Her skills encompass budgeting, cost control, and scheduling. She is adept at conducting time impact analyses and managing delays in large construction projects, some involving budgets in excess of $100 million.

Alex Kay

Alex Kay Design and Development

Senior full stack engineer and architect with years of professional experience in leading teams and developing web-based applications. Building complex SaaS products from the ground up.